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Since 2004, our Hawaii State Licensed Registered Nurses have planned, managed, located, coordinated, and monitored comprehensive services to address the individualized needs of our residents within the community.

The Pinnacle of Case Management Services

Apex focuses on the existing strengths and deficits of an individual, and strives to maintain one’s level of health and functioning as much as possible.  The preservation of dignity for each individual is an intrinsic belief when providing services to our residents.


RN Case Manager Responsibilities

To coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the caregiver services being provided within a care home setting

Why Choose Apex Case Management Services?

We offer: 

• Free initial consultation 

• 24-hour availability for questions or concerns to RN Case Manager

• Assistance with placement in appropriate licensed care facilities

Description of Services

  • Assessment: We conduct a thorough initial assessment to determine a patient's physical, functional, psychosocial assessment and identify individual strengths, needs, and deficits. 
  • Care Plan Development: A care plan is a tool that the caregiver utilizes to address identified needs. Goals are measurable and realistically achievable within a specific timeframe. Adjustments will be made in response to needs that change. 
  • Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring progress towards the care plan goals will be conducted. The individual and family or guardian will remain updated on any change of status. 
  • Evaluation: Ensure appropriate services are being provided to achieve care plan goals. Continual evaluation of status and needs.

Searching for Care

Care Home Placement Process

 1. Level of Care (LOC) is established by the Primary Care Physician (PCP) following a medical assessment and evaluation of one’s current degree of health and functional status. If the PCP determines that your loved one is at an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) LOC,  RN case management is then required by Hawaii Admin Rules Title 11 Chapter 100-101, if you decide to place him or her in a licensed expanded adult residential care home/facility.  *Although it may not be required, it is at the discretion of the resident, family, or guardian to employ the services of an RN case manager *

 2. Method of payment determines the available placement options, such as private-pay vs Medicaid reimbursement.   

*Please note that we provide case management services solely to private-pay residents.  We are unable to provide case management services within a Community Care Foster Family Home (CCFFH) (Medicaid provider)* 

3. If you haven’t already found a preferred licensed care home/facility, we can assist you with finding an appropriate  placement. 

*Please use this link for list of Hawaii State licensed care home facilities*

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